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Ashli Weiss Discusses Art Theft with Deviant Art

May 5, 2022

The digital marketplace for NFTs reached approximately $22 billion last year, and many NFT platforms witnessed massive growth. This created both opportunities and challenges for artists and copyright holders.

As a result, many artists have been struggling to deal with the surge of NFT infringement across digital marketplaces, making monitoring and taking down stolen NFT infringements a growing challenge for many. So how can artists and brands effectively protect their artwork against infringers?

In this webinar in partnership with DeviantArt, and NFT expert Ashli Weiss you will learn:

  • What 's an NFT, Art theft, Web 3.0, IP infringements
  • Challenges and opportunities related to NFTs, IP, and Web 3.0
  • Examples of NFT infringements and their impact on creators
  • What can artists and brands can do to prevent NFT infringements, and art theft
  • How technology can help streamline the monitoring of NFT infringements

May 5, 2022