Intellectual Property

What is a copyright troll and how to protect yourself against one.

April 11, 2023

A copyright troll in the fashion industry, specifically in fabric design, is someone who seeks to profit by enforcing copyright claims over fabric patterns or designs.

These individuals or companies typically obtain ownership or licensing rights over a fabric design and then aggressively pursue legal action against anyone who they believe has infringed on their copyright, even if the alleged infringement is unintentional or minimal. Copyright trolls in fashion on fabric can be particularly concerning because small businesses and independent designers may lack the resources to defend themselves against legal action, which can result in costly settlements or even bankruptcy.

If a fashion company is sued by a copyright troll for infringing on their copyright design by using a certain fabric design on their clothing, it is essential for the company to hire an attorney.

A copyright infringement lawsuit can be complex and costly, and without a knowledgeable attorney, a fashion company may be at a significant disadvantage. An attorney who specializes in copyright law can help the company understand their legal rights and obligations, assess the strength of the copyright troll's claim, and develop a strategy for defending against the lawsuit. Additionally, an attorney can assist with negotiating a settlement or representing the company in court if necessary. Overall, hiring an attorney is crucial for a fashion company facing a copyright infringement lawsuit to ensure that they receive fair treatment under the law and protect their brand and intellectual property.

April 11, 2023